Welcome to Triton Marine Construction Corp.

Incorporated in 1987, Triton Marine Construction Corp. is an Equal Opportunity Employer who routinely employs between 100 to 150 full time personnel. Triton maintains satellite offices throughout the world as necessary to support specific projects. Our home office, located near Bremerton, WA, was relocated from Houston, TX in 1999.

Triton specializes in a wide array of construction disciplines and focuses primarily on federal and municipal construction projects. Throughout our history, we have completed more than 300 Construction and Design/Build projects for federal and local governments. Our customers include the United States Navy, Army Corps of Engineers, National Park Service, Department of Transportation, Department of the Interior, Department of Homeland Security, as well as many local municipalities and port authorities.

Our many diverse projects include new construction, renovations, repairs, design/build and architecture and engineering services. While not limited to, the majority of our projects have focused on waterfront, wastewater, and industrial facilities.

The efforts and work put forth require attention and the involvement of everyone who is employed with our company. We believe in a people based approach where management provides support and employees assist in building the team. In this way, we reinforce a culture where our employees will have an honest sense of ownership and commitment to their work and our goals.

Corporate Safety Policy Statement: Safety is a key ingredient to the continued success and growth of our Company. We are insistent that it is not to be compromised at anytime. Triton Marine Construction Corp. is dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthful workplace that safeguards our employees and protects the environment.